This coffee type requires conditions of high altitude, humidity and lower light intensity, which results in a slower maturity process. Local farmers traditionally use unirrigated land and fertilize organically. gayo coffee is an arabica coffee variety of the leading commodities originating drom gayo highlands, central aceh, indonesia. plantation in gayo, central aceh, on average at an altitude of 1000 to 1200 masl

the taste of gayo aceh coffee tends to be nutty and buttery. the aroma is very strong with nutty and spice accents. the acidity is very low, the sweetness tends to high. and the body produced by the medium makes it very popular in world. the clean character makes it a popular house blend mixture.




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It is originated from the Arabica coffee plant grown in the Priangan highlands in West Java Province. It is planted in upland areas with a minimum altitude of 900 meters above sea level (asl), with cold and dry air and rainfall between 2,000 – 3,000 mm / year, with wet months between 6-7 months each year. Derived from the Arabica coffee plant that is formed from selected and superior varieties, which are planted under shade trees and cultivated on ecological principles that pay attention to environmental sustainability, and are fertilized mainly by using organic fertilizers with the concept of Low External Input or Low External-Input and Sustainable Agriculture (LEISA).

The cultivated Arabica coffee varieties are arabica coffee Typica and Sigararutang KAJP, which has a unique taste, characterized by some components such as, Uniformity, Clean Cup, Sweetness, Lemony Flavor, Acidity, and Balanced after taste. Java Preanger coffee has several advantages of an intense aroma or a distinctive taste (unique) such as blueberry, floral, jasmine, vanilla, and lychee, topping it with a sweet aftertaste.

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